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About the USL Super League

The USL Super League is a new second-division professional women's soccer league expected to begin play in 2023.

Furthering the USL’s commitment to advancing the women’s game, unifying communities, and fueling the growth of the sport, the USL Super League aims to double the number of professional women’s soccer teams in the United States by its inaugural season.

The USL women’s pathway now includes the Super Y League, the USL Academy, the pre-professional USL W League which kicks off in 2022, and the professional USL Super League. The USL Super League will apply for Division II sanctioning from U.S. Soccer.


Take a look back at the milestones that helped form the USL women's pathway

  • 2010

    New era begins for the USL

    Under new ownership, the league continues operations of the Super Y League and W-League, offering playing opportunities for girls and women across the United States.

  • June, 2019

    USL club owners indicate interest in women’s league

    Further stimulating the USL’s interest in the women’s game, interest from club owners intensifies in summer 2019 as teams across the USL ecosystem share their desire to invest in the women’s game.

  • August, 2019

    Market research begins

    USL begins the formation of a sustainable league model by conducting market research into the women’s soccer landscape.

  • January, 2020

    Discovery process begins

    USL begins discovery process with key stakeholders in all levels of women’s soccer to provide insight and assistance in steering the direction of its women’s soccer strategy.

  • February, 2020

    Expansion conversations intensify for the pre-professional league

    USL continues conversations with its clubs, focusing on level of interest, investment, and vision for a pre-professional women’s league

  • May, 2020

    Initial club commitments for the pre-professional league

    USL gains initial commitments from clubs to participate in a pre-professional women’s league.

  • January, 2021

    USL hires first employee for women’s league

    USL announces the appointment of Betsy Haugh as its Director of Women’s Soccer Operations.

  • January, 2021

    USL forms Gender Equity Subcommittee

    As part of the USL’s IMPACT Committee, the USL forms its Gender Equity Subcommittee, a group that would prove to be instrumental in steering the direction of its women’s soccer strategy.

  • February, 2021

    First Gender Equity Subcommittee meeting

    USL hosts its first meeting of the Gender Equity Subcommittee to assist with the direction of the women’s league, including mission, vision and brand.

  • February, 2021

    USL finalizes mission and vision for the new women’s pre-professional league

    Mission: To use women’s soccer as a force for societal good by creating a national platform to increase opportunity, gender equity, and career development.

  • April, 2021

    Policy formation and legal processes for the W League

    In preparation for the League’s announcement and continued team recruitment, USL focuses on policy formation and legal processes to set and uphold the League’s standards.

  • May, 2021

    USL W League finalizes first strategic partnership

    Reinforcing the W League’s commitment to collaborating with key organizations and stakeholders who authentically represent the values and cultures associated with the women’s game, the USL finalizes a strategic partnership with Women In Soccer.

  • May, 2021

    USL hosts U17 Girls competition at the Academy Cup

    USL welcomes 16 teams to compete in the U17 Girls Academy Cup in Tampa, FL, a significant step in the development of the USL’s female pathway.

  • June 8, 2021

    USL announces W League

    In a defining moment for the USL in the women’s game, the USL W League is publicly announced, including the confirmation of eight initial members.

  • June 23, 2021

    USL announces Spokane

    Following the announcement of a new 5,000-seat stadium in downtown Spokane that would become the home of a USL League One club, the United Soccer League announced its intention to bring a W League team to Spokane that could kick off as early as 2022.

  • July 28, 2021

    USL W League announces partnership with Soccer Resilience

    Reaffirming its commitment to holistic player development, the USL W League announces sports mindset agency Soccer Resilience as its Official Sports Mindset Advisor.

  • August, 2021

    USL W League announces six more clubs

    Continuing its confirmations of founding clubs for the League’s inaugural season, the USL W League announces six new members – Asheville City, Southern Soccer Academy, Morris Elite SC, Wake FC, Peachtree City MOBA, and Northern Virginia FC.

  • September 21, 2021

    USL announces the Super League

    In a watershed moment for women’s soccer in the United States, the USL publicly announces the formation of a Division II women’s professional league, the USL Super League, set to kick off in 2023.

  • October 12, 2021

    USL announces Amanda Vandervort as its President of the USL Super League

    An innovative sports executive with more than 20 years of experience across all levels of women’s and men’s soccer, Vandervort brings business acumen, leadership skills and industry relationships to the USL Super League and USL’s burgeoning women’s soccer pathway.

  • January 11, 2022

    Missy Price, PhD, joins the USL as Vice President of Women’s Soccer

    Price will lead on-field initiatives for the USL’s youth-to-pro women's pathway and support USL Super League and W League Clubs in structuring their technical departments.