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The USL Super League is a Division II professional women's soccer league that will offer players, coaches, executives, and fans new opportunities in the professional game. The League will aim to begin play in 2023 and double the number of professional women's soccer teams in the United States in its inaugural season. To learn more about the USL Super League and its mission to grow the women's game, please review the FAQs below.


Why is the USL launching a women’s professional league?

The USL is launching a women’s professional league to support the growth of women’s soccer in the United States and fill a void in the women’s soccer pipeline. USL has a long-standing commitment to the women’s game, and the addition of a second-division professional league strengthens its women’s and girls’ soccer pyramid that includes the USL W League, USL Academy, and the Super Y League. With the formation of the USL Super League, the USL now offers professional circuits for both men’s and women’s players, exemplifying its commitment to gender equity and investing in the women’s game. 

How does the USL Super League fit in the women’s soccer landscape in the United States?

USL Super League is a second-division league that sits above the USL W League and directly below the NWSL. The league aims to become the first sanctioned Division II women’s league in the United States and provides a new destination for those looking to play, coach, and work in professional soccer.

Why is the USL announcing this league so soon after its announcement of the pre-professional W League?

The USL is deepening its commitment to building the women's game, from youth to professional. The inception of the USL W League generated overwhelming interest from USL member clubs and cities across the country. Combined with the excitement from fans and communities, that interest points to the need for a second-division professional women's league.

What is the relationship between the USL Super League and the USL W League?

The new USL professional league and the USL W League are united by their common goals of growing the women’s game and providing more opportunities for girls and women to play, coach, work in, and watch soccer. The two leagues will work collaboratively to advance this mission and move women’s soccer forward through increased opportunity and investment. Both leagues are integral pieces of USL’s girls’ and women’s soccer pyramid atop USL’s youth offerings – the USL Academy and Super Y League.

How does the USL Super League compare to the USL Championship?

Like the USL Championship on the men’s side, the USL Super League will be the second tier of women’s soccer in the United States. The USL is committed to establishing equitable standards for its women’s and men’s professional leagues and investing ample resources, infrastructure, and operational support for its women’s and men’s pathways.

How will the USL Super League support the growth of women’s soccer in the United States and globally?

The USL Super League will provide new opportunities in women’s professional soccer for players, fans, coaches, referees, staff and executives. The league will bring professional women’s soccer to millions of fans who currently do not have it in their local communities.

When will the USL Super League begin play?

The USL Super League will apply for sanctioning from the U.S. Soccer Federation in the coming months and aim to begin play in 2023.

What clubs/ how many clubs will compete in the USL Super league?

The minimum number of clubs required for Division II sanctioning is six, but given the heightened interest in the women's game, the USL Super League could see double that number in its inaugural season and continue to grow in subsequent years.