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Preferred Suppliers

United Soccer Leagues strives to support our teams in all aspects of their business operations. USL works with expansion teams to help establish the groundwork for long term success. For existing clubs, USL facilitates the sharing of best practices across the league, giving each individual club the best opportunity to succeed. It is within this spirit that USL has launched the Preferred Supplier Program.

The USL Preferred Supplier Program brings together “Best In Class” companies that provide products/services to professional sports teams and stadium developers. Our preferred suppliers have excellent reputations within their respective industries and understand how our teams operate. Preferred Suppliers work with our teams to offer custom solutions to their product and service needs. 


Josh Keller

Josh Keller

Vice President, Business Development

Phone: (813) 269-1355

Kelly Dohre

Kelly Dohre

Director, Business Development

Matt Reda

Matt Reda

Director, Business Development

Phone: (813) 269-1358



Founded in 1947 by Danish national team player Eigin Nielsen, Select has been an innovator on the pitch since its early days. Select match balls were the first to be produced with no outside cord, which allowed the ball to better retain its shape, and later was the first manufacturer to introduce the 32-panel design which is now the standard for soccer balls around the world.Its new agreement covers all USL-related properties, including the United Soccer League – one of the most prominent Division II professional leagues in the world – the USL’s Division III, the Premier Development League (PDL) and the Super Y League. Select will support its partnership through additional marketing and advertising, while enhancing each USL club’s merchandise offering of licensed and official replica match balls.

Capelli Sport


Led by Penn FC principal owner George Altirs, Capelli Sport has a strong history of partnership with clubs throughout the USL, the PDL and the Super Y League, making it one of the top up-and-coming soccer apparel companies in the United States over the past five years. The company’s quality has placed it firmly on the map in soccer circles, with the organization recently adding a number of international, professional soccer partnerships to its portfolio.


Preferred stadium design supplier

With a focus on design excellence, sustainable design and delivering outstanding customer service, Odell is well prepared to address the challenges of design for the built environment in the 21st century.  Memorable, outstanding designs are the legacy of Odell.


Official modular stadium and seating supplier

InProduction specializes in creating custom spectator seating, accommodations, and other special event equipment for venues across the U.S. and Canada. Our team offers clients and partners an impressive range of skills and experience in drafting custom venues, as well as designing and installing a wide range of specialty event equipment.


Official Stadium, complex, and field lighting supplier

Musco has shaped the history of sports lighting since 1976. The company’s TLC for LED™ technology delivers unmatched light control, efficiency, and reliability.


Official field construction supplier

SCG Fields, LLC handles all phases of natural and synthetic turf jobs for professional, collegiate, and high school facilities, from excavation and sub base through installation and maintenance. We are one of the nation’s most trusted sources for superior quality construction of highly engineered natural grass and synthetic turf sports fields.


Official synthetic turf supplier

Act Global is USL’s Official Synthetic Turf Supplier. We have a passion for player safety, top performance and proven durability. Act Global is also the only U.S. based FIFA Preferred Producer and has supplied soccer fields in over 80 countries. Preferred pricing is offered to all USL affiliates.

Esto Retractable

Official retractable mound supplier

As venues and stadium operators look to expand their offerings and utilization without building new stadiums, creating a multi-purpose venue is critical. Esto Retractable offers a patented design for a Retractable Pitching Mound that allows field conversion in two hours.


Official sports insurance agency provider

Sports related exposures and risks differ significantly from the risks involved in the general insurance marketplace. Monument Sports recognizes these differences and is committed to delivering tailor-made programs and services. As sports insurance specialists, we help our clients identify, understand, and manage their risks.


Official athlete performance monitoring supplier

Since 2007 VX Sport has been working with clients at every level to achieve their goals, from professional sports teams, down to academies. Metrics such as distance, speed and heart rate allow coaches to accurately use the data from training and matches – while teams and broadcasters can leverage live-streaming data to drive fan engagement.


Official premiums supplier

The Promotions Dept. is a leading promotional merchandise agency. For the past 25 years we have been developing, producing and fulfilling promotional products and programs for sales & marketing departments. We provide in-arena/game day premiums and gift items to over 30 professional sports teams including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS.


Official Scarf supplier

Ruffneck Scarves is a proud sponsor of USL and PDL. As part of their continued commitment to our leagues, Ruffneck is offering exclusive discounted pricing to all USL and PDL member clubs. Please stop by the Ruffneck Scarves booth for more information.


Official tailgate services SUPPLIER

Blockparty creates immersive experiences that make events unforgettable for the fans. Our custom turnkey spaces and commitment to making sure every detail is taken care of means you can count on a flawlessly executed experience fans will be talking and posting about for weeks to come. 


Official immigration law SUPPLIER

Pabian Law is a premier national immigration law firm that specializes in representing sports clients across North America in U.S. and Canadian immigration-related matters.


Official in-stadium signage SUPPLIER

Marka Sports is one of the leading sports marketing company in the region. Specializing in branding and stadium dressing solutions with clients like CONCACAF and Mexican Football Federation among others. Top quality and premium service is our signature.


Official recruiting partner of the super y league

Described by their clients as the “” of Colleges and Athletes, the College Fit Finder system streamlines how clubs help their players with the recruiting process internally by providing coaches, teams, and players with the technology solutions needed to combat the issues faced on all fronts. Players are empowered to take ownership of the their own futures and clubs now have the tools necessary to play a much larger supportive role in the process.


Official turf protection SUPPLIER

Terraplas is an industry leader of the turf protection sales and rental in the United States.  Since 1994, the Terraplas name has been the standard in the high-end turf protection business allowing owners to make ancillary income by renting their product through our rental program. 


Official fan engagement solutions SUPPLIER

The value of fan data is limited without a way to act on it. At FanThreeSixty we not only help you understand your fans, our solutions allow you to sell more tickets, engage more customers and grow revenue.


Official awards and trophy SUPPLIER

With a history dating back more than 50 years, Wilson Trophy Company has become one of the market leaders in high-quality trophies, awards, medals and plaques for organizations across the United States. Based in Sacramento, California, Wilson Trophy is an official licensee of Little League International, U.S. Youth Soccer, more than 20 youth sports organizations and over 120 youth soccer tournaments across the country.


Official stadium assessment SUPPLIER

Johnson Consulting is a leading real estate and hospitality consulting firm. The firm works on many types of real estate uses, including convention and conference centers, arenas, stadiums, hotels, entertainment/urban development districts, fairgrounds, performing arts facilities, golf courses, resorts, retail, residential, tourism attractions and many others. Johnson Consulting services include strategic planning and direction, independent feasibility and market and financial studies, transaction assistance, tax analysis, tourism strategies and owner representations in formulating ways to govern, manage, and operate projects in the most efficient, cost-effective and profitable way.



Official beverage cart and food kiosk SUPPLIER

Iowa Rotocast Plastics, a leader in merchandising displays since 1983, are the designer and the manufacturer so organizations work with the source and can be assured that what is designed is manufacturable and cost effective because IRP makes what it sells. IRP products are cost effective, paying for themselves in less than a year (sometimes less than 2 months). Manufactured in Decorah, Iowa, IRP products are marked not only by durability, but also longevity with many original products still in use today.


Official soccer scholarship partner

FirstPoint USA was developed in 2001 to assist young athletes in securing placements and scholarship awards at American colleges and universities. Over the past 16 years, FirstPoint USA has secured over $200 million in scholarship awards for over 7,500 athletes, helping up to 500 applicants every year find their future home.


Official vanishing referee spray SUPPLIER

Made in the USA, RefEDGE PRO has placed the control back into the hands of the referee. Our patent-pending Stand-and-Spray™ delivery method is the only spray on the market that allows the referee to stand upright and still make a clean line on the field – no need to bend over anymore. Control the players and speed up play. RefEDGE PRO was designed so referees can decide the right amount of spray for the right situation and allows the referee to vary the dwell time of the line, with less distraction for the players.


Official sponsorship management platform

Trak is a collaboration tool used by organizations who buy, sell, or consult on multi-asset corporate partnerships. It helps accelerate and simplify sponsorship execution of each partnership to ensure sponsorships are executed with the correct artwork, the right people, and every inventory item is maximized.



Official social media valuation SUPPLIER

Blinkfire Analytics uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to measure media value and branding impact, allowing properties, brands, and agencies to better engage their fans and sponsors. With Blinkfire's expertise and support, users leverage the platform in at least two ways: (1) to up-sell & renew existing partners with physical and digital assets, and (2) to monetize parts of their social inventory.


Official goal and shelter SUPPLIER

Helogoal, through its German manufacturer, Helo-Sport, has over 40 years of experience in producing aluminum sports equipment. They supply high quality, safe, portable soccer equipment, which they provide to large stadiums, amateur clubs, schools, and recreational sports facilities. Helogoal’s production in Germany is now guaranteed by 80 specialists in the processing of aluminum. The manufacturing steps are efficient, and a detailed quality check is carried out after every step. All Helogoal products have the “Made in Germany” quality seal.


Official metal detection SUPPLIER

Garrett Metal Detectors™ is the global leader of walk-through, hand-held and ground search metal detection products and training for security and law enforcement applications. From the Olympic Games to U.S. and international airports, Garrett® has the proven knowledge, experience and reliable products to meet security needs.


Official gps paint robot and field marking service SUPPLIER

Turf Tank is the exclusive North American distributor of the innovative “Intelligent One” (ION), the world’s first and most comprehensive autonomous GPS paint robot. The landmark hardware and easy-to-use software platform is designed to perform consistent and accurate line-marking for numerous sports, including soccer. Turf Tank’s joint venture partner, Intelligent Marking, holds patented design and technology features that eliminates the need for a manual operator while increasing precision and sustainability on natural grass or artificial turf fields. Turf Tank also has a nationwide distribution agreement with U.S. Specialty Coatings based in Alpharetta, Ga. to sell field marking paint and other related sports field products. Turf Tank additionally offers contract line marking services, custom stencil services and creative consulting services to customers.


Official stadium restoration SUPPLIER

Family-owned and operated for more than 100 years, Western Specialty Contractors is the nation’s largest specialty contractor in masonry and concrete restoration, waterproofing and specialty roofing. Western offers a nationwide network of expertise that building owners, engineers, architects, and property managers can count on to develop cost-effective, corrective measures that can add years of useful life to a variety of structures including industrial, commercial, healthcare, historic, educational and government buildings, parking structures, and sports stadiums.


Official mobile device charging station SUPPLIER

Based in New York, goCharge has provided more than a million safe and secure charges and is the unquestioned leader in the placement of Charging Stations in the sports-related market sector. goCharge Mobile Charging Stations are currently in 27 of the 30 Major League Baseball ballparks, 12 NFL stadiums, 20 Live Nation arenas and amphitheaters, almost 100 colleges and universities, and major hospital systems. Since pioneering the industry in 2009, goCharge has established a leadership position in the market, and today provides the power to stay connected to family, friends and business through the widest range of charging solutions and first-class technological applications.


Official inflatables SUPPLIER

EZ Inflatables has more than 30 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales of top quality and innovative inflatable games, jumpers, water slides and obstacle courses. They quickly made a name for themselves by becoming a leading supplier worldwide to the rapidly expanding “Party Rentals” industry.


Official executive recruiting partner

HGI is the leading performer in retained executive and professional recruiting, having built executive search experience throughout the United States and internationally since the firm’s establishment in 1997. With thousands of successfully completed assignments, HGI specializes in succession planning, high-impact leadership placement and key functional line/staff assignments in most industries and functions. With more than fifty professionals, HGI is large enough to deliver exceptional results across many projects while also delivering a very high-touch, boutique approach to their partnerships with clients.



Official commercial cleaning services SUPPLIER

With 50 years in the cleaning industry and more than 80 venue partnerships across the country, Jani-King is the unquestioned leader in commercial cleaning for sports and entertainment properties. Their experience and references stretch across all sizes and shapes of facilities and the unique needs of each venue. Jani-King’s business owner concept provides extra layers of support and a commitment to service excellence not found in traditional cleaning companies nor with temporary labor groups.


Official stadium sound and surveillance system SUPPLIER

Bosch security and communications systems are unique in the scope and scale of the integrated system solutions they can offer. The family includes Bosch (security, conferencing and public address systems), Dynacord (professional audio electronics) and Electro-Voice (professional loudspeakers and microphones). Each a best-of-breed specialist, these brands are the choice of stadia across the globe and have helped provide exceptional audience experiences at numerous Olympic Games and World Cup soccer tournaments.


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