This tab is full of “strategies” that athletes, coaches and others can use to build their Mental Health and Wellness Resiliency. It’s ways to connect to like-minded people. They may be support groups, actual strategies you can implement into your wellness regime, podcasts, or social media sites.

A podcast about sports & all things related (and not) to them from a different perspective.

Start with teaching mindfulness of breathing and send students home with homework like this guided audio practice on Mindfulness of the Breath.

Track Your Workouts, Fitness Tests, & Nutrition.
Mental Wellness Planner So You Can Get Clear on What You Really, Really Want
Worksheets, Self-Care Log, Venting Exercises, Reframe Blocks

Every week Roy Kessel interviews the newsmakers in Sports Philanthropy. We take a look inside the innovative programs and creative strategies that help these outstanding organizations make a meaningful impact in their communities. We also interview cutting-edge vendors that have the ability to enhance the success of your organization.
We hope you enjoy our guests, and we are always open to ideas for interesting segments. Feel free to reach out to Roy Kessel at and let us know who you would like to hear.

Article in NY Times By Gretchen Reynolds [Amishi Jha, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Miami in Florida and her colleagues wondered whether teaching people to relax or to hone their focus might improve their overall well-being. In effect, they wanted to find out whether training the athletes’ minds while they were also taxing their bodies might help to mitigate some of the undesirable effects of exercise on their thinking and emotions.

Featuring interviews with professionals as well as your everyday athlete sharing stories about their struggles and recovery through a mental health journey.

Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement Podcast with Drs. Keith Kaufman and Tim Pineau.

Athlete Mental Health Centric- Podcast Conversations with various guests. Hosted by Lisa Bonta Sumii (LCSW, CSW) - Athlete Trained Clinician and Mental Performance Consultant

Play Today. Lead Tomorrow.
Developing the next generation of women leaders through sports.

On a mission to amplify the stories of athletes and eliminate the stigma round mental health.

We are an INDEPENDENT support solution for retiring athletes. Our mission is to serve and support the interests of athletes as they retire and raise awareness about the challenges of athletic retirement. We support athletes before, during and after their transition to life after sport.