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USL Unveils New Look Logos and
Friday, December 10, 2004
TAMPA, FL – United Soccer Leagues unveiled Friday its new series of league logos and the new look of its website

The release of the new logos and updated website is the completion of the re-branding process that began with the restructuring of its professional division in November to a two-tiered format that saw the league names become USL First Division and USL Second Division.

“We are excited to unveil our new look,” said USL Vice President Tim Holt. “The new logo is not a major departure from the previous, but has a more modern feel.”

“What we felt was most important was to take advantage of the restructuring of the professional division to re-brand the entire USL and introduce conformity between the individual league logos and the USL mark.”

The new series of logos all feature USL prominently within the newly-shaped crest as well as the traditional flaming ball that has been utilized since the league was founded 19 years ago as the Southwest Indoor Soccer League (SISL) and the green and yellow color scheme that was introduced in 1999 when the league name first officially became USL. The flaming ball derived from the league’s early promotional efforts of Sizzling Soccer, a play on the SISL acronym’s phonetic pronunciation.

“Establishing history and tradition is important to me, especially with USL,” said USL founder and President Francisco Marcos. “As we head toward our 20th anniversary next year, it’s important to note that all of the great leagues are what they are today because they have been around for generations, outlasting the trials and tribulations. The NFL was started in 1920 and today is very different from what it was 20 years into its existence. Teams, owners and leagues will undoubtedly continue to change in USL as is the nature of the minor league sports business in general, but what will always remain constant will be USL and its traditions like the flaming ball.”

The individual league logos feature the league name across the top of the crest where United Soccer Leagues is in the USL logo. There is also a secondary set of league logos that feature the individual leagues and United Soccer Leagues across the top. The USL Second Division features the numeral 2 next to USL with PDL, W and Y representing the Premier Development League, W-League and Super Y-League in their respective logos.

Unveiled with the new logos is a new look for, which is entering its third year with Demosphere International, an Information Technology company that caters primarily to soccer organizations.

“After two years with the same look, we felt this was the perfect time to introduce a new feel,” said USL Director of Public Relations Gerald Barnhart. “The website as a whole will not be changing much beyond aesthetics although we are working on some relationships with sites like to bring different types of news and editorial content to the site for our fans.”  


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