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Common Questions
Purchasing a USL Franchise


 The USL Advantage Common Questions Request USL Franchise Information

Q: What’s the first step?
A: Please complete a Franchise Information Request Form. Upon completion of the application, you will receive a detailed overview of USL.
Q: What is the estimated initial investment cost?
A: There are variable estimated initial investments for each league. The initial franchise fee range is $75,000 to $750,000 (depending on league).  Average operating budgets for the USL First Division range from $2M- $3M, USL Second Division range from $600K - $1M, the USL Premier Development League range from $100K - $200K, and the USL W-League from $75K to $150K.  League administrative and affiliation fees vary from league to league.     


Q: Does USL offer financing?
A: USL does not offer financing for franchise purchases. 


Q: What do I get for my franchisee fee?
A: We provide you with an exclusive territory, dedicated on-going support, league management, affiliations with governing soccer associations, confidential operations manual, proprietary information, website, national media services, high quality branded marketing materials, a national growing brand name, use of several registered trademarks, and guidance from a specialized staff. Please review the USL Franchise Information Overview for more details.


Q: What type of training does USL provide?
A: USL has franchise training held at the USL Annual General Meeting in Tampa, FL. In addition, you will receive monthly e-news, attend franchise conference calls, regional meetings, and national annual meetings.

Q: Will I get a protected territory for my business?
A: Yes. Each USL franchise has a protected territory.

Q: Can I own multiple USL franchises?
A: USL contains organizations that own multiple USL franchises in separate leagues.

Q: What are the league’s minimum standards for stadium, etc.?
A: In order to maintain a high level of professionalism across all teams, USL has established minimum standards. Franchises are reviewed by their peers and the League Office annually. Franchises unable to meet minimum standards for the league they compete in may be required to participate at a lower level the next season or until those minimum standards are corrected. Keep in mind that these are the minimum level that each team needs to fulfill, and most USL franchises strive to operate at the highest standard possible beyond the minimum requirements.
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